The Importance Of Beauty In Today's Society

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Today’s society revolves around the idea of perfection even though perfection is unreachable. The standards of beauty have gone above and beyond over the years as societies advance further with technology. The way we feel, think, perceive and act, regarding our bodies, is currently based on how society feels and thinks. Girls feel they are pressured to be perfect due to social media, photoshopping, magazines and toys designed for girls. First, girls feel that they are being pressured to be perfect due to social media. Many girls and women who often scroll through their social media, such as Instagram, wish they could become of this ideal beauty that is perceived to be perfect to the human eye. The girls comment about how they wish they could…show more content…
Freedman stated, “ It has been argued that Barbie dolls reflect a highly sexualized image and circumscribe girls’ play by emphasizing prescribed roles and patterns of interaction. It is feared that by dramatizing stereotypical feminine roles during play girls will internalize and later embody such roles.” In a focus group, a doctor asked a group of adolescent girls how they had felt about themselves and the Barbie doll they exclaimed that they are jealous of the “ideal beauty”. They also said that the dolls are too skinny and that it is offensive to fat people. This evidence proves that Doll companies are trying to push for the more ideal beauty look and nothing less. However, doll companies believe their dolls are doing some wrong, but will probably never change for the sake of losing money. Doctors are starting to notice how the companies dolls are really affecting teenage…show more content…
This is still not going to help change the minds of those already affected, maybe they will consider the companies making fun of the girls who are thicker, it is a never ending struggle. Companies feel they are not doing wrong by photoshopping, using social media, magazines and even toys, because they are all simply just trying to make money. It is wrong because companies should feel as though they are the reason why girls feel pressured. They cause eating disorders, lack of self-esteem and even mental disorders. If all this media and hunger for money of needy girls went away, then the “ideal look” would go away, it would rid the bad body perception, looks and become of something more

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