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Beauty: the quality present in a person, place, or thing that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from senses (shape, color, sound, etc.), or something such as a personality. This is the definition of beauty. However, in today's contemporary society, beauty is mostly used to describe looks. Beauty can be the sum of so much more than outside appearances. Beauty surpasses more than the cover of a book. Just because pages are dog-eared and worn doesn't mean that the contents submerged within are any less beautiful than that in mint condition. If anything, the wear would portray that the book was too beautiful to keep from reading and rereading the mastery entailed. When referring to someone who is ditzy or rude you often hear "well it's a good thing you're pretty". As if the mere…show more content…
For instance, the first thing that runs through a person’s mind when seeing an attractive person would probably look a little like this: “Oh wow, that person is literally so gorgeous. I’m going to try and get to know them better so that we can be friends and their beauty can rub off on me and I can be pretty and my parents will love me for once…” An example of this would be starting a new dating relationship. Usually, there isn’t really a strong urge to get to know the ‘geeky nomad’ sitting by themselves in the corner. Nevertheless, there are a few exceptions made by exceptional people that don’t weigh outside beauty as heavily, or at all, as the average bloke. These people feel, rather than see, the impact of the person’s aura than their mein. Just imagine being in a relationship with someone who is as hot as the dickens but can’t hold an enlightening conversation to save their pretty life. You would get bored, and most likely end up cheating intellectually. Beauty within knows more about compassion, warm heartedness, and kindness than looks ever

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