How Did Ancient Greece Influence Western Civilization

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After Ancient Asia formed, Ancient Greece began the process of forming its’ foundation. This is where the Bronze Age, Heroic Age, and the Golden Age originated. This is also the time period were famous philosophers like Pythagoras, Hippocrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates began their impact on the world. While other ancient civilizations have impacted humanity tremendously; Ancient Greece has had the most influence on Western Civilization in the form of literature, aesthetic beauty, and human knowledge. The first area in which Ancient Greece impacted the Western Civilization is in the form of literature. Just like other generations have passed down stories orally, the Greeks did as well. The difference though, is that the stories passed down by Greeks were later written down and are still frequently used today (Fiero, pg. 80). These stories not only tell individuals about this time period, they also have…show more content…
The three most common types of literature gained from this time period are lyrics, poetry, and historical narratives. These writings, expanded literature’s socially major importance in humanity (Vivante pg. 24). This time period is the period that created epics that put honor and glory on high pedestals; such as the Iliad and the Odyssey (Fiero, pg. 81). Due to Ancient Greece’s formation of literature, the Western Civilization has gained a sense of heroic pride in the form of literature. Not only has the Western Civilization gained a sense of heroic pride, from literature, they have also gained literary characters such as a protagonist and antagonist. While Sophocles’ was in the process of writing Antigone, he developed a protagonist and antagonist (Fiero, pg. 98). The protagonist is the main character, while the antagonist is the one that is going against the protagonist. Both of this literary terms are still relevant among literature in today’s

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