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Strong women can make strong leaders. Having a drive and love for helping people are two characteristics that make good leaders. Princess Diana of Wales showed her leadership through her passion for helping people and her overwhelming kindness. Princess Diana of Wales shaped society through her endless dedication to people and continual demanding work throughout the years of her life. The young Diana was born on July 1, 1961 and grew up in Norfolk. Diana spent her early adult years working as a kindergarten teacher because of her love of children. From the early stages of Diana’s life, she showed her compassion for people of all ages. Throughout the nineteen-hundred’s, Princess Diana helped society by being a role model and contributing to charity. One example is when Princess Diana contributed to the National Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Trust organization. In the summer of 1981, Diana married Prince Charles of Wales and officially became a part of the royal family. "Diana and Charles were rivals for acceptance by the British public after their marriage unraveled spectacularly" (“Diana (Princess of Wales)”). The couple had two children whose names were Prince William and Prince Harry. Although the couple later…show more content…
"In addition to removing the stigma from the disease in a single, glove-free greeting, Diana raised millions of money [sic] for AIDS and cancer charities, and she regularly visited HIV-positive patients in the hospital" (“Mallenbaum, Carly”). Through her outgoing and caring personality, Princess Diana changed many people’s lives. The announcement of her death brought the whole entire country together. "The idea of new grief was, in some ways, associated with the hope that people would adopt a new attitude of care towards others as a reflection of Diana's charitable work" (“The Mourning For Diana”). Through their mourning, the British people and citizens around the world

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