Elka Ostrovosky: Negative Stereotypes Of Aging

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Negative stereotypes of aging are found in numerous aspects of popular culture. Such stereotypes help sustain ageism, which Moody and Sasser (2015) define as a “ widely shared prejudice” that views aging as “continuous deterioration and decline”(p.13). The link above is a compilation of Elka Ostrovosky’s best moments on TV Land’s series Hot in Cleveland. Elka Ostrovosky is a widower that works as a caretaker of the home that three best friends from Los Angeles in their forties, come to stay, rejuvenating her life. Now in her eighties, Elka has a very active and fulfilling dating life. As apparent in her witty remarks featured in the video compilation, she is very opinionated and never hesitates to share exactly how she feels. Aging is portrayed through the character of…show more content…
Some examples of activities include, employment that is paid or a situation in which income is earned from an individual working for his or herself, volunteering, and caregiving. In the case of Elka, she is self-sufficient, after losing her husband she has lived in the guest cottage of her home while serving as a caretaker of the front portion of her home as a source of income and earning her right to live in the cottage. She is solely responsible for the upkeep of the property and she also cooks for her new occupants. This aspect of Elka’s character development illustrates a positive portrayal of aging, as being self-employment enables her to continue to pay into social security which although aids to a small return for the government, she is claiming fewer benefits despite being in her late eighties. Elka Ostrovosky serves as a positive portrayal of aging not only because of her level of productivity, but also because of her level of social

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