Mary Wollstonecraft And Yorker Analysis

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According to, the definition of beauty is described as, “The quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations (as shape, color, sound, etc.), a meaningful design or pattern, or something else (as a personality in which high spiritual qualities are manifest).” This definition of beauty concludes that beauty can be subjective. An example of subjective beauty is when children dress themselves in an outfit they find appealing, but the parents disagree and have them change into an outfit they approve of. Mary Wollstonecraft and Jennifer Wiener, two authors from different eras, explain in their passages how society influences women’s definition…show more content…
Wollstonecraft was a confident writer and had a strong voice for equality amongst men and women. Her confidence developed as a result of her challenging childhood and witnessing the adversity that women faced throughout her lifetime. After these experiences, Wollstonecraft was influenced to write as an advocate for women. Her ambition was to point out the unjust treatment of women. She wrote about equality for women in the workforce, advocating equal pay for men and women and being able to obtain the same jobs as men. Wollstonecraft also emphasized that society expected women to be beautiful in order to receive respect and…show more content…
Although Weiner and Wollstonecraft were born during two different eras, both authors had similar theories that women were being pressured into beauty by society. The difference between Weiner and Wollstonecraft was the expectation of beauty which changed over time. According to the article, “See How Much The “Perfect” female body has changed in 100 years,” the description of the ideal woman figures most women voted on was to have a curvier look but with a small waistline. The Beauty described in the 2000’s is much different than the 1700s. The pressures of beauty today are influenced not only by society but through magazines, books, television, cell phones and social media. A particular example of how cell phones have an influence on a woman’s beauty is the creation of the “selfie” camera. It’s amazing how many “selfies” you see women take of themselves in today’s generation. Not only are they taking pictures of themselves, but they are also downloading an application on their phone that can change the way they look. These applications are becoming very popular and people are willing to spend money on them. The more money you spend, the more editorials you are given to edit your pictures. The edits may include blemishing your facial features, changing eye color or skin tone, and several other enhancements. As a result, the influence amongst all of these sources is much greater now than it was during the 1700s. Consequently,

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