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Women have been objectified in society for generations, whether they are looked at as a thing to be possessed or an item to be shown off, women to this very day they are still not thought of as equals. Although the objectification of women does not seem to be a present issue today, it has actually turned into something much worse than we could ever imagine. Not only are men continuing to objectify women but also women, in the most recent years, have become brainwashed to develop a need to objectify themselves. Mass media may be the main source for women’s insecurities; though media is here to stay we can still acknowledge this problem that has been left in the dark for years. The objectification of women has been an underlying issue ever since the first man claimed his “prize”, the prize in fact being the naïve woman. In 1899, Philosopher Thorstein Veblen brought to our attention in his excerpt Theory of the Leisure Class, “…the earliest form of ownership is [the] ownership of the women by the able-bodied men of the community”(269). This proves that men have been objectifying women for more than 115 years. Not only does he mention women were only something to be possessed or owned by man, but he also recognizes “the original reason for the seizure and appropriation of women seems to have been their usefulness as trophies”(269). For…show more content…
Treating women as objects rather than human beings has negatively affected our society as a whole and will continue to harmfully impact our women if we do not change the way of how we view them. We need to change our advertising to accept the natural beauty of all women to avoid having them go through depression, lack of self-esteem and substance abuse. By turning our society around we can insure that our daughters will grow to be confident, respectful young women who have the opportunity to grow in a more suitable

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