The Importance Of Advertising On Social Media

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Once the marketing strategies have been established you then move on to the advertising. The advertising process involves gathering all of your information that you have collected so far to devise an advertising campaign that helps to promote your product, making it appeal to your targeted consumers. Methods in advertising may include techniques such as radio, television, sponsorship, publicity stunts and viral marketing but the most popular and effective techniques are advertising on social media, this technique is used by many different companies, one of which is Lucozade, they paid twitter to have them as a sponsor, and this makes sure that Lucozade advertisements are seen by their targeted consumers. Another popular advertising technique…show more content…
Managing the message doesn’t just go for brands and products but also goes for celebrities, for example when Tulisa’s sextape got leaked and everyone was shaming her by calling her a whore, she went and made a YouTube video that explained the whole situation, making the public understand. Positive publicity has been used many times, such as for the ASL ice-bucket challenge, many celebrities got involved with this because it gave them positive publicity making the public like them and them coming across as nice people. Charlie Sheen got involved but did a stunt where instead of doing the actual ice bucket challenge he poured money over his head, this was to get the public’s attention and not because he enjoyed giving to charity whereas Leonardo DiCaprio gave money to the charity without doing the challenge at all and without anyone knowing. Spin is where you turn a negative situation into a positive one, for example when Eddie Murphy got caught with a prostitute in his car, he spun it around and said that he was just giving her a lift home because it was cold. A popular spin that celebrities often use the joke

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