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Nearly everyone boom in the world which is flooded with the mass media for example TV, advertisements, movies, music, billboards, newspaper, films, videos, magazine, and the Internet (Latif and Abdeen, 2011). All marketing weapons, propaganda is famous for its long-lasting impact on the viewer’s mind, as the exposure is much broader (Katke, 2007). Advertising is a subset of the promotional mix, which is one of the 4P’s in the marketing mix product, price, place and promotion. In the promotional strategy advertising is a key tool in creating awareness of the product in the potential consumer to make a purchase decision. Advertising through all means of influence on the masses, but TV is one of the most powerful advertising medium because of…show more content…
As the size of the ad, area and location and the colors used and the form of advertising and design, and the variation in the elements and movement, and all this serves to draw attention to the ad as a whole and as a unit, so that the viewer is keen to see the same ad more than once. Secondly, the attractiveness of the advertising message and means of grooming used in the message. It consists of images, graphics, headlines and sub-text advertising, according to attract attention to a particular part or component of the ad, a commodity or product. 2. Influencing perception, Perception: is the formation of a mental image or impression of what the process on a particular topic. The mental image of the product is what is composed of private consumer impressions and perceptions, and the multiplicity of his point of view with regard to that product. Therefore cares marketers to "mental image of the product" to the consumer to greatly affect the choices of the consumer buying behavior between different goods available, when the consumer goes to buy, they will finds a huge number of products, he goes straight for the product which has the best mental image in the consciousness, which have been planted in the consciousness often because of the…show more content…
This is advertising. It is the promotion of a product or service that helps the companies to show their products to many people and increase their sales. Advertising is an important topic to talk about nowadays. It has many positive and negative impacts on society and economy. For instance, advertising a public welfare program has a positive effect on society but presenting a woman in advertisement has a negative effect. Moreover, advertising is an essential marketing technique used to convince people about the product being advertised. They concentrate on the benefits that the consumer will get from product or service. Advertising help consumers choose what product they need and why in an easy way. And this will lead to increase the consumption and the demand of a specific product. In addition to that, advertising create consciousness among consumers to know which product they must choose. In this way they are also knowledgeable about various diseases and dangers that would a product do. All these awareness’s come only from proper advertisements. Advertising is consumed to inform people about different social events such as concerts, performances and tell about an illness or seek help from people for a donation. Also it can assist in epidemics and natural calamities or for promoting campaigns for social

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