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The Person in Black was known not for his name. Not for his looks, job or talents, but for his gloomy personality, rotten soul and cruel heart. The Person in Black was known for his darkness. The Person in Black was believed to be so obsessed with anonymity, that he killed everyone, except his servant, that knew his real identity. To Antony, this was all babbling, stories made up by the superstitious and fearful people of Wakefield. The fear of The Peron in Black was the main reason that no one knew his real identity. It was said that the last person that visited The Person in Black died in unknown circumstances two days after the visit. Antony Huntington, being the serious and professional reporter he was, believed that it was a mere coincidence.…show more content…
My name is Antony Huntington and I’m here to-“ “I know who you are.” The man cut him off. “My master has been expecting you” He said and simply turned around and walked away. “Come on, my master doesn’t like waiting.” Antony slowly entered the house. The walls were covered with paintings of different people, all of them wearing grim or angry faces. With each step the floor creaked and Antony felt as if the people on the paintings were boring their eyes into him, accusing Antony of breaking the peaceful silence. Antony followed the butler trying not to think about the paintings. The short man opened a door and looked expectantly at him. Wanting to have the interview over with, Antony quickly entered, despite all his senses telling him not to. The room he entered was big and dimly lit. The only light came from a small lamp and the TV. A tall lean figure stood by the window. The man stood with his back to Antony, therefore he didn’t see his face. But he did see that the man wore an old black suit and that he was bald. The TV played some kind of nature documentary about hunting, it was quiet enough to not distract Antony, but loud enough for him to hear…show more content…
Huntington?” “You gave me no reason to be, sir.” “Are you trying to convince me or yourself of that?” The man said and finally turned around to face Antony. His face was frail and extremely pale to the point that it seemed lifeless. He slowly approached the reporter. The prey finally notices the hunter. It’s fear freezes it, making it unable to run. Suddenly, a great fear hit Antony. He felt his heart beat faster and the blood rushing through his veins. Dark thoughts crawled into his mind, preventing him from forming any rational thought. With each step that the Person in Black took towards him, he felt more and more oppressed and hopeless. When the man stopped, Antony instinctively took a step back. The prey tries to escape, but its efforts are pointless. The hunter will soon catch it. “What do you know about death, Mr. Huntington?” The man calmly asked. “I know nothing about death, and I do not want to know anything about it.” Antony mumbled, his fear making it hard to say anything. “But isn’t that why you came here?” The man asked calmly and took a step forward. “No-o, sir. I came here to interview you.” Antony

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