Essay On Benefits Of Social Media

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Businesses are recognising the massive benefits of social media and its increasing importance to stay ahead of their competitors and attract new customers to their business There are many benefits to an organisation using social media for a business. One of the benefits that social media brings to an organisations business would be social media provides users with means of feedback. The reason I believe this is a good idea is because social media allows for instant feedback from your customers whether this is good or bad feedback. The time between knowing if a business’s organisations product or a campaign is a successful is shorter due to the fact you are receiving customer feedback. This means you can respond and resolve mishaps in a faster…show more content…
Secondly by monitoring the activity on their profiles the company can see customer’ interests and opinions that the company might not be aware of if the business didn’t have a social media presence. Social media gives the company access to instant feedback from their target market, and free plus, the company can use it to keep an eye on what the company’s other competitors are doing. Social media is a huge tool you can use for online marketing and in different sales strategies for a specific business. Most business websites use social media to boost their sales and to promote their business for their own good. There are lots of ways to use social media. You can use it not to just to increase sales, but also for the other advantages and benefits it can bring to your business. Most businesses and numerous Web design and developers use social media to make specific differences in their businesses and to make them grow. This is an example of social media marketing benefits and for providing marketplace insight and it is 69% Social media is one of the most famous tactics to make your business grow and to boost your sales
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