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American Dream Where would the world be without honor? Through the regression of society, many core values and ethics have suffered a steady decline in the daily actions of most ordinary people. As we age, our perspectives and life experiences twist and influence each of our “Jiminy Crickets”. Actions truly say more than words, and define the true character of anyone. That is what separates the strength of morals in the individual: how we view the world and choose to regularly act in it. Of the ten Cowboy Ethics that define the true American Dream, taking pride in my work shaped and molded my upbringing from birth into the young adult I am today. As a young child, my moral compass was set due north from the upbringing my parents gave me. Being the child of two self made business owners, I spent many nights as a very young child staying late at work with them to help them clean. This taught me from an early age to be comfortable with hard work for several hours at a time. While other children had allowances, or money for their grades, I was expected to work my hardest at anything and everything I did, solely for the purpose of doing things properly and to the best of my ability. When I first questioned the possibility of an allowance, my parents told me to work for money instead. My first job was raking…show more content…
Without the expectations and lessons from my parents, I would not be the same person I am today. I am truly blessed to have the ambition and fire for success within me. Even in failure, it is important to comprehend that not everything is in your hands, but anything that is should be done to the best it can be done. Without failure, we cannot grow; however, all that matters is that you can look yourself in the mirror and say, “There is nothing more I could have done, and what I did do is something to be proud

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