The English Civil War: The Wars Of The Three Kingdoms

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The civil war can actually be divided into three different wars. The first one started in 1642 and ended in 1646. The second war started in 1648 and ended the same year. The third and last war started in 1650 and ended in 1651. The English Civil War did not involve only England, but also Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This is why the wars are also referred to as The Wars of the Three Kingdoms. The Stuart Dynasty The first kings to rule the United Kingdom were the Stuarts. The thrones of England and Scotland were united for the first time in 1603, when Queen Elizabeth I died. The Queen's death led to the thrones of England and Ireland to be passed on to her cousin James Stuart who was the king of Scotland. King James VI of Scotland then also became King James I of England. King James had been waiting for Queen Elizabeth's death with eager because of the wealth and power that came with the English crown. The Stuart Dynasty reigned from 1603 to 1714. This period was…show more content…
During the war, the new nobles and the bourgeoisies held the leadership, and most of the common people supported them to fight. That assured the victory of the parliamentarians. The victory of parliamentarians ended the reign of dictator. New nobles and bourgeoisies take the power of the nation. The right of the King was abolished and England was declared to be a Republic. The English Civil War was an important event in the history of Britain. Besides the political consequence, it had a great effect on the development of the military and the economy. During the English Civil War, Cromwell established advanced army. It improved the strength of the English army. The new nobles and bourgeoisies took the power of the nation. They could make policies that stood for the benefits of bourgeoisies. It promoted the development of capitalism. In addition, the victory of English Civil War encouraged the revolutions of other

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