Essay On Use Of Language In Nigeria

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Over the years Nigeria has witnessed several empty, jabberwocky inordinate promises from our political gladiators who has used the magic of language to cajole many. However, language serves as a strong tool that our political leaders used for easy communication of thought that enhance winning of political mandate. This paper shows how language is used in politics as a tool to communicate thought and how language is used as a train to which political leaders convey meaning to the heart of Nigerians. INTRODUCTION All issues are political issues, and politics itself is mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia. When the general atmosphere is bad, language must suffer. George Orwell (1946). Over the years, many scholars have given several definition of language and these include: Language is a tool for which society relate with one another. (Ogunaike 2010) describes language…show more content…
The imposition provoked wide spread criticism. The SDP, led by the late Chief Moshood Abiola, obtained majority votes in the June 12 1993 presidential elections. Nevertheless, Nigerian’s hopes for a return to civilian rule were dashed when the military regime of General Ibrahim Babangida annulled the results of the national elections after votes were counted. Repression escalated to unprecedented levels, culminating in the execution of environmental activist Ken Saro-Wiwa and his colleagues in November 1995. Military ruler General Sani Abacha- who took over power in 1993 from Babangida after his resignation- peddled another complex "transition" programme which generated internal protest. This was repeatedly quashed and the international community paid sporadic

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