How Did Thomas Hobbes Influence The Constitution

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Thomas Hobbes Thomas Hobbes was an english philosopher in the 17th century. He was born in a time were the church ruled. He was known for his book Leviathan and for his view on politics and social behavior. He said that having a government was a must for us humans because they set rules for us. If there weren't ruled people would act according to what they like, what they want and that is often killing. This means that he believed we needed the government in order to not be in war. Thomas Hobbes influenced the present world with his ideas. His ideas helped as an argument in favor of the Constitution. He said that "the government should serve and protect all the people in the society", his influenced the United States Constitution and it…show more content…
He was a social and political philosopher that strongly supported democracy. He is well known was one of the most The Spirit Of Law is a book he wrote that was published in 1748. Montesquieu said that the government's job is to imply justice and he defended that through his book. In his book he describes,explains and defends his ideologies. Montesquieu said that in a government there must be justice, and that there can not be justice if the judicial, legislative and executive branches are not divided. As other philosophers he questioned the church , critiqued the Monarchs and believed humans have the right to think by themselves. These ideology influenced the constitution of the United States and its government, it as well influenced the French…show more content…
"Man is born free, and he is everywhere in chains." said Jean Jacques Rousseau. He believed that if we live based on the "good will" , liberty and equality will become part of our life. The beliefs he had were that only under the good will could we find our best form and take full advantage of ourselves. Rousseau also supported education, in his work Emile he said “The more ingenious our apparatus, the coarser and more unskillful are our senses.” by these he tells us we are ignorant and that education makes us smarter and wiser. ADAM SMITH Adam Smith was born in Kirkcaldy, Scotland on June 16, 1723. He died on July 17, 1790. He was and still is “the father of economics”. Smith attended the University of Glasgow when he was only 14 years old, which I consider impressive and hard to believe. The Wealth of Nations is a documented industrial development in Europe. Adam Smith was the first person to get all of the ideas on The Wealth of Nations together and explain it to the average reader. He is the person responsible for popularizing many methods taught at school such as “classical economics”. JOSEPH II Joseph II was born on March 13, 1741. He died on February 20, 1790 at age 40 in Vienna, Austria. Marie Antoinette was his sister. By 1756 he became the Holy Roman

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