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Living in the Capital City of the Dominican Republic is very difficult, especially for someone who has never lived there, or someone coming from the countryside. I lived there from July 2009 till August 2011. That was a decision that helped my personal growth, work and life experience in many ways as I struggled on my way to success in a jungle made of people who always look for chances to be better in life. So, moving to the Capital City led to events that changed my life in many ways. It all started back on July 25th, 2009 when I hit the road on my way to the capital city in search for a new life. As soon as I made it to the capital I felt I was in another planet, I had never been there for more than two days before; however I began to feel homesick a few days after. 5 days later I decided to apply for a job at call center in order to do something different for me. August first, I was called from the call center to be interviewed, I went there, I took the interview and I was hired to work as a telemarketer agent…show more content…
One day on my way home from work in an intersection where there were not any street lights, on March sixth, 2011, a truck whose driver was unable to break, hit my car so badly that I almost die. Everything seemed to be okay until I realized I had been hit on my neck, but luckily there was nothing wrong there. It was just simple injury. Right after the accident to place, especially after being checked by doctor, I said to myself '' you need to get out of this city, this is not for you''. The car accident resulted in a change of mind. That was when I decided to go back to my hometown which is San Juan, Where I was immediately hired by MESCYT to work as an English teacher for the English Immersion Program on August twenty second, 2011. The car accident and the chance I got to work there were the other events that really changed and paved the way for me to change my life and mind as

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