Colonialism In Things Fall Apart

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The position of the white man in Africa is complex in any terms: social, political, or cultural. The arrival of colonialism saw him as the intruder, the invader with his strange religion and odd customs, who eventually turns hostile and fanatic, and usurps the lands that rightfully belongs to the Igbo people. However, the position of the white man in world narratives in the twenty-first century has changed drastically. In the day and age of globalisation, diversity, and immigration, it is difficult to draw the lines of racial animosity and allegiance. The canon of Nigerian, and World literature, have both witnessed a momentous change in the portrayal of the white man in literature, especially considering the rise of postcolonial literature as the erstwhile colonies of British empire write back to counter the singular, more often than not racist narratives, of imperialism.…show more content…
The Nigeria of Things Fall Apart is one where communities are divided by tribes and villages, and the idea of Nigeria does not exist. Things Fall Apart stands testament to the relatively smooth functioning of the villages and tribal communities when they are free from outside influence. An excellent example is how the villages of Umuofia and Mbaino deal with the murder of a woman from Umuofia: “An ultimatum was immediately dispatched to Mbaino asking them to choose between war – on the one hand, and on the other the offer of a young man and a virgin as compensation.” (Achebe 9) The village of Mbaino chooses to send a young man and a virgin, and the matter is resolved. While the practice is arguably barbaric, it prevents a war from breaking out between the two villages. While their governance is not flawless, the tribes of the land exist in relative peace and tranquility. Half of a Yellow Sun, by contrast, deals with the consequences of such a forced unification. The novel takes its title from a description of the Biafran

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