Zero Wastage Case Study

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Abstract—In present economic situation, owners are investing scare resources, worth crores of rupees in countless projects. The investors / owners naturally have a right and are interested in “best value for the money spent” The construction projects, there are numbers of constraints which effect output e.g. Labor, Environment, Location etc. So, Zero wastage is not possible for any type of project. The aim of this study work is to find reasons of material wastage on construction site of multi storied buildings and how it can be minimized. So, overall project cost can be reduced or profit maximized. The study deals with basic contents ( like classification of wastage, definition and mythological issue etc ), various material management functions like reduction of wastage,…show more content…
• Find the causes of wastage on site by experience and discussion with site engineer/builder/consultant. • Analyzed data to find out wastage proportion. • Study the effect of wastage on project cost Line of action of work: Here in our case studies 1) Wastivity = Wastage x100 (% ) Estimated consumption 2) Consumption per SQM BUA= Estimated Consumption (Estimated) Total BUA SQM 3) Consumption per SQM BUA = Actual Consumption (Actual Total BUA SQ 4) Gross Wastivity = Total Wastage (Rs.) x100 Estimated cost of major Materials 5)Productivity=1-GrossWastivity TABLE I CAUSES OF MATERIAL WASTAGE AT SITE. Material Stage Main causes Cement A) Storage B) Handling and Transport No wastage occurred in most of cases Careless handling, unacceptable breaking of bags using shovel etc. Taking out cement in shovels. TABLE II DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT PROJECT NO. TOTAL BUA SQM TOTALCOST RS.(CRS.) NAME OF PROJECT CONTRACTOR DATA PROVIDED BY NO.OF FLOOR

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