Arms And Armor In The Middle Ages

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Arms and Armor in the Middle Ages Immense bands of warriors clash, leaving a bloody scene devoid of life. Knights in shining armor attempting to prove their bravery and trust did not imagine themselves dying in the middle of battle next to their kinsmen. Diseases such as the Black Plague wrought the land with no cure. This great and horrific period was the Middle Ages. It was an era of human civilization which lasted from the fifth century to the fifteenth. It was a time of much discovery, culture, religion, war and disease. It started with the end of the Roman civilization and slowly merged into the time of the Renaissance. The kingdoms flourished with many different religions and cultures. With the different cultures and religions merging together at this period, it led to the advancement of weapons and armor. Middle Age warfare was defined by the weapons and armor that were created and modified by various cultures around the globe.…show more content…
Before the era of the Middle Ages started, large civilizations fell to their feet. The culture and customs of those fallen civilizations continued for generations. Many of these people merged with other civilizations to create a new kingdom. Once their cultures and traditions merged, it created a “hybrid” culture that those citizens claimed as their very own. Weapons and armor from both civilizations came together to create a new form of attack or defense. Spears and shields were modified and continued to be used during the Middle Ages. The bow and arrow was modified to create the longbow. There was a wide variety of weapons used during this

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