Essay On Cultural Awareness Of Argentina

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The culture awareness of Argentina must start with the inhabitants that were there before European settlers. Argentina derives its culture not only from its pre inhabitants, but also with its settlers. They also derive it from their struggle for independence, the wars they fought in, and from their current infrastructure. Throughout its history Argentina has been among the most civilized and prosperous nations of South America. In order to understand Argentina’s culture we must understand its economy, demographics, geography, and government and how it shaped the country it is today and how it will continue to shape it in the future. These influences played huge roles in the Falkland Islands’ War. They will continue to play huge roles in how relations exist between other nations and possible conflict with Argentina in the future. The earliest histories of settlers in Argentina are natives who thought to have crossed over from Asia during the last ice age. The first Spanish settler was Amerigo Vespucci, who arrived in 1502. Argentina fought in numerous conflicts throughout its history. They fought for independence from Spain came in 1816. General San Martin led them to victory after almost three centuries of Spanish rule. Argentina lost numerous lives during colonial rule and war with Spain. Argentina…show more content…
It is regional powerhouse when it comes to cattle and farming. Argentina’s economy is flourishing under that fact that they paid down debt and inflation to near nonexistent levels. They also devalued their currency the peso to coincide with the US dollar. The Gross Domestic Product of Argentina is quite affluent and ranks 72nd in the world. The manufacturing industry accounts for one-forth of all jobs in Argentina. Most of Argentina’s energy comes from gas and oil. The trade business in Argentina is quite vivacious and prosperous. Only about 25% of the Population lives below the poverty

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