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When most people think of St. Paul’s Cathedral, they think of Christopher Wren’s beautiful, classical church, but there was a cathedral dedicated to St. Paul long before Wren created the magnificent cathedral that is seen today. St. Paul’s has been tested throughout history. The structure has been destroyed and rebuilt several times. Many historical events have been held within the walls of St. Paul’s Cathedral. St. Paul’s is truly a pillar in time. St. Paul’s history starts with the consecration of Mellitus as the bishop of the East Saxons by St. Augustine of Canterbury in 604 A.D. The original cathedral was a wooden structure. It was founded by King Ethelbert of Kent. The cathedral was destroyed by a fire and rebuilt in stone by Bishop…show more content…
Paul’s Cathedral has been the home to many historical events. Sir Christopher Wren was buried inside the cathedral. He died in 1723 at the age of 91 (Ewin 17). Above the marble slab of his tomb is a tablet bearing the words “Si monumentum requiris circumspice,” which translates to “If you seek his monument, look around (Ewin 17).” This implies Wren put his heart and soul into creating his magnificent masterpiece, St. Paul’s Cathedral. Among the most famous people buried within St. Paul’s are Lord Nelson and the Duke of Wellington (Levere 28). Lord Nelson died at the battle of Trafalger which was fought on October 21, 1805. The battle was a naval engagement won by the British Royal Navy against the combined fleets of the French and Spanish Navies. The Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo on June 18, 1815. It has been established that upon her death former Prime Minister Margret Thatcher is to have a state funeral at St. Paul’s. Thatcher, nicknamed the Iron Lady, was the longest standing Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the twentieth century. She was the only woman to hold that position. Sir Winston Churchill’s, a British Conservative politician known for his leadership of the United Kingdom during World War II, funeral service was held at the cathedral in 1965. The cathedral houses the American Memorial Chapel. The chapel honors American men and women who died in World War II. It was entirely paid for by donations from the British people. Royal celebrations within St. Paul’s have included Jubilee celebrations for Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II, the launch of the Festival of Britain in 1951- recognizing the nation’s recovery after World War II and the fairy-tale wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer on July 29, 1981. The wedding was a world wide event broadcast live via

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