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Style The notion of style is viewed and articulated variously by the language practitioners. It has been commonly contented that we use the terms " style '' without knowing its meaning .Leech(1969) views '' style is the way in which something is spoken ,written , or performed." Leech and Short (1981, P.10 ) say that " style " "refers to the way in which language is used in given in given context ,by a person , for a given purpose and so on" .Birch (1989, P.10) is of the view that " language and style never moves beyond a concentration on the supremacy of words ; he thinks firmly that these words somehow ' contain ' meanings and is effectively language manipulated in ways that signal it as different from ' ordinary ' language '' . Carter…show more content…
Alabi (2007, p.170) cited that " a graphological discussion of style among other features entails the foregrounding of quotations marks ,ellipses , periods hyphens, contracted forms special structures , the full stop, the colon , the comma , the semicolon , small print , spacing , italics etc. Phonology To Wales (2011) phonology is " the expression or realization of language in its spoken form ". Lodge defines that "phonology is the study of linguistic system specially the way in which sound represents differences of meaning in a language ". Phonological devices are secured through the repetition. For example in rhyme, alliteration, consonance , assonance and phonaesthesia .…show more content…
There are also abstract nouns which show the state of mind . Morphological analysis Morphological marker( ing ) shows continuity , progression and flow of her message and theme . Similarly " Ful " shows the caged bird overwhelmed with fear .The poetess took considerable care in using complex words .There is no overwhelming consumption of prefixes and suffixes in the poem. The process of affixation is simple and understandable. The poetess has adhered to the' Root' or' Core words' to impart her message in clear and tangible terms .Inflection in the nouns and verbs is also predominantly simple , for example , the nouns : wings , rays , bars , things , trees, worms , and dreams involves simple and austere process of regular inflection . In the same fashion , the verb : leaps , floats , dips , dares , stalks , clipped , tied and sings show simple grammatical inflection and mark the present tense and Concordance (subject and verb agreement ) Morphological devices include suffixes and prefixes. There are five suffixes and one prefix in the poem.

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