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10 Books Everyone Should Give Her Best Friend To Read There are many ways to make your best friend feel appreciated, but books are often overlooked. What better way to remind your friend how lucky she is to have you in her life than by sharing a heartwarming tale of friendship with her! There are some authors who just gets the ups and downs of having a best friend for life and who are able to perfectly capture it their stories. Here are 10 books that you should give to your best friend to tighten the bonds of your friendship. 1. My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante My Brilliant Friend opens in the 1950 and is the tale of two friends, Elena and Lila. These girls grow up on the outskirts of Naples in a poor neighborhood where they learn to rely on each other. Despite ending up on different paths in life the two remain best friends. For a riveting tale about the…show more content…
It chronicles her move to Chicago where she gets married, but realizes that all her friends in San Francisco, Boston, New York and Washington. Yearning for a best friend in her new hometown she comes up with the unorthodox idea of going on fifty-two friend-dates. Her goal is to meet a new best friend forever, but this is easier said than done. 8. Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen Sometimes it is our friends we turn to in times of need and not our families, such as in this tale from Sarah Dressen. It focusses on two teens, Halley and her best friend Scarlett, in a coming of age story. The two girls have been friends since grade school and shared everything just like sisters. On the path to becoming adults the two also encounter alcohol, drugs and sex along with family problems. Best friends will be able to relate to the tight bond between the two girls and the way that they handle the curve balls that life throws at them together. 9. Vivian vs the Apocalypse by Katie

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