Misunderstanding In Communication Essay

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Misunderstanding can occur at any stage of the communication process. Communication seems natural to humans, but no two people see a picture in exactly the same way. In the core of the communication is, the “sender-message-receiver” flow, has been summarized by in his famous quote as “who says what through which channel to whom with what effect.” In the travel context, the senders are tourists who take photographs while they travel and then post these images (the message) on social networks and media-sharing websites. Posted photographs, sometimes accompanied with a title, tags, or a short description, constitute a projected destination image, which is decoded by the receiver, or tourist-to-be, at the other end of communication channel,…show more content…
Human coders tend to be unreliable due to personal biases, but good at interpreting semantically complex texts. Computers are reliable, but are unable to relate to specifics of certain language used. Social science approach based in empirical observation and measurement. Typically that means that these researchers identify questions or problems (either derived from the scholarly literature or occurring in applied mass communication), identify concepts that “in theory” may be involved or at work, and propose possible explanations or relationships among concepts. Implausible explanations are discarded, and viable ones tested empirically, with theoretical concepts now measured in concrete, observable terms. (Riffe, Lacy and Fico, 1998) Quantitative and qualitative content analysis Pictures are used to convey one or more meanings, often in combination with text and, as such, can be subjected to content analysis either by themselves or by looking at the relationships between images and text. (Marsh and White, 2006) Proponents of qualitative text analysis point out factors that have a major bearing on audience interpretation and likely effects, include: •Prevailing perceptions of media
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