Female Circumcision Case Study

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1.1 Statement of the Problem: Shell Duncan (2001) Explains that female circumcision is a wide spread cultural practice affecting millions of young women and causing many health complications A number of effects arise from female circumcision and these include: Infections, Pain, bleeding and Trauma, problems with gynecological health, psychological, sexually transmitted infections and emotional stress, and problems during pregnancy and labour. 1.2 Objective of the study  To identify factors accounting for female circumcision in Kenya 1.2.1 Specific objectives  To identify factors that account for Female circumcision practice  To assess the prevalence of Female circumcision  To investigate regional differences in Female circumcision…show more content…
Parents in age group of 44-49 have a prevalence rate of 81.5% of their daughter undergoing circumcision higher than 18.5% of not circumcised at in the same the age group was Lowest prevalence rate of circumcision of 69.1% and 30.9% of not circumcision belonged to parents age group of 15-20 Western Kenya had highest rates female circumcision of 94.3% compared to Eastern and central which registered 36.1% and 30.9% respectively. 18.6% uncircumcised girls were residents in rural area while 81.4% of 37 circumcised Girls residing in rural. Also 75.3% of circumcised children lived in urban area. Findings show that parents who spent less time or did not listen at all had 80.3% prevalence of female circumcision. Parents who never listened to talk shows supported female circumcision. Further, parents with no education had their daughters circumcised. Girls coming from families with less or no education have a prevalence of 77.9%. Wealth Index, Results indicate circumcised girls72.7% of came from poor

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