Organophosphate Pesticide

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1. What are organophosphates? Using at least one example of a pesticide, describe its attributed health effects, exposure risks and situations and how you will prevent the occurrence of, and manage an exposure or incident, if one occurs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) organophosphates are a group of human-made chemicals that poison insects and mammals. Organophosphates are the most widely used insecticides today. Organophosphate insecticide can produce both acute and chronic health effects. For instance, diazinon are one type of pesticide that works by damaging enzyme in the body called acetylcholinesterase. This enzyme is crucial for monitoring nerve signals in the body. There are several ways that people…show more content…
In the States, Vinyl chloride is used for producing manufacture of polyvinyl chloride, which is an element of a multitude of plastic products such as pipes, and plastic coating. Vinyl chloride can cause health affects depending on the concentration. For example exposure to vinyl chloride can impact central nervous system resulting loss of consciousness or even death. Works who come in contact with this chemical for long period may develop nerve and immune system damage, poor circulation, in the hand, damage to the bones at the tip of the fingers. •Another chemical used in the manufacture of plastic is Bisphenol A (BPA). There has been public outcry in regard with BPA due it its widely used applications such as drinking packaging, infant bottles, and medical devices. Reports of animal studies claimed reproductive and developmental effects of BPA. •The phthalate plasticizer DEHP is used medical products form polyvinyl chloride. Examples of such products include plastic packaging, plastic tubing and protective gloves. Current information agree the notion DEHP is generally safe with the exception of some of some groups such as children. Concerns has been raised over the likelihood toxic hazards associated with the use of polyvinyl products in the medical environment. More research is needed in order to exactly understand findings of DEHPS related products to human

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