Personal Narrative: Waiting For You At Home

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It was July 18th, 2017. I had spent the whole summer at my cousin Brooklyn's house. Brooklyn had been teling me for months that her family was going to Florida for vacation. It had never crossed my mind that i'd be asked to tag along. Everyday that summer, I went to Brooklyn's work with her. She took care of an old lady named Kathy. One day, after Brook got off work, we were on our way back to her house when she said, “I have a surprise waiting for you at home.” I thought to myself, “That's strange, she hasn't mentioned anything to me about a surprise.” After about a 25 minute drive, we arrvied at Brook's house. I was kind of nervous as to what the surprise was going to be, as I entered the door cautiously. Nothing was out of the ordinary, no one was hiding waiting to jump out, there was no big grand entrance. As I turned right towards the kitchen, I heard my Aunt Joyce doing dishes. Aunt Joyce was Brooklyn's mom and also…show more content…
We took a 3 hour drive, from Orlando to Clearwater, and went to Clearwater Beach. Since we went to Florida only a few weeks after the big hurricane swept through the state, the water wasn't really clear. The sand is so white and soft, so that was still amazing. I went swimming in the ocean for the first time. My cousin and Aunt didn't want to swim so I went with Keith. We went kinda far out, and since I wasn't used to salt water, I kept getting water in my mouth and it wasn't very good. I didn't want to go far out because I was scared that a shark would get me, even though they don't really come to shore, and the beach has safety nets up stopping things like sharks and large fish from approaching to close to the shore. After we left the beach, we went to get food, and started the 3 hour drive back to Orlando. We didn't get back to the resort until 6pm, and everyone was drained from the sun. My cousin and I went down to the hot tubs every night until like 10pm because it was really

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