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Defending Woman's Rights in The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and The Color Purple by Alice Walker through Comparative Approach using Qualitative Quantitative Methodology 1-Introduction: Stylistics is a branch of linguistics often grouped under applied linguistics. The beginning of use of linguistics was in the middle of the 19th century (Washington, 2012, para.1), and stylistics appears in the second half of the 20th century. Stylistics has a great importance in language for instance, Stylistic researches are based on language style especially the literary works, and it becomes known for literary stylistics. In other words the meaning of stylistics in the dictionary is "the study of the style and methods used in written language" (oxford…show more content…
The corpus stylistic analysis software is used to make a comparison between two novels and to prove the thesis by using the techniques and tools of the corpus. The general atmosphere in the two novels is the rights of women and women should call for their rights and do not accept the position that the society forced them to live in which it is like the prison. The themes of the two novels "The Color Purple" and "The Bell Jar" are the bad conditions that women lived in, the difficulties she faced during her education and her desire to prove that she can live independent. By using some nous, verbs and first person narration, stylistics and corpus linguistics help to prove these themes, as they worked on developing the style of language. The writer here uses the comparative approach through qualitative and quantitative methodologies to reach her aim and let the readers see from her point of…show more content…
It is about a novel entitled The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears written by Dinaw Mengestu. This study consists of four chapters; the first one includes back ground information about the novel and the aim of the research. The second one tackles a study similar to this study, the third one is the analysis part, and the forth is the conclusion. The writer depends on his analysis on nouns, repetition, and parallelism. He uses the stylistic analysis to express how meaning is constructed through the interplay of different textual features. The aim of this research is what are the major stylistic features used in the novel and how do these features enhance

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