Disadvantages Of Big Data Visualization

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Big Data Visualization Kanika Department of CSE Punjab Technical University Kapurthala, India kanikadhanjal@gmail.com Abstract— In recent years, a large amount of data has been generated by government, science and business. Thus, visualization is very effective for presenting essential information in vast amounts of data. The size of data collected over the web i.e. from social media and mobile is even greater. While Apache* Hadoop* and other technologies are emerging to support back-end concerns such as storage and processing, on the other hand visualization-based data discovery tools focus on the front end of big data—on helping businesses explore the data more easily and understand it more fully. The paper concludes with the Good…show more content…
Volume [2] Visualization based-data discovery tools are designed to work with an immense no of datasets, so business can turn their attention from simply managing the deluge of data to gaining rich insights. These tools enable business to derive meaning from large and growing volumes of data Variety [2] Visualization-based data discovery tools are designed to mash up, or combine, as many data sources as needed. That means businesses can derive more meaning from structured data, semi structured and unstructured data sources such as social media and sensor data. Using interactive bubble charts, 3-D data landscapes, tree maps, box plots, heat maps, word clouds, and many other types of graphics, businesses can view, interact, and interpret with complex data from a multitude of sources. Velocity [2] With visualization-based data discovery tools, organization can replace batch processing with real-time processing of ceaselessly updated input streams. The tools also support the democratization of data discovery, so more people can access real-time data sources such as click streams, and analyze and view the data without having to wait for…show more content…
Instead of waiting weeks or months for static reports, employees can visualize and analyze real-time data on their own. They can also collaborate with co-workers using interactive graphics which are online to generate new ideas and identify previously unseen trends. B. Five best practices and principles of big data visualization Principle 1: Context is king • The context in which big data is visually placed impacts the knowledge that can be communicated. Mapping with D3.js a) (D3 – Data Driven Document is a java script library for visualizing data. It helps bring data to life using SVG, HTML and CSS. It makes the data interactive through the use of transformations and transitions (Zooming and Panning). It builds data visualization framework.) b) D3.js includes routines for handling geographic information. • Make the right comparisons for the

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