Sports Marketing Research Paper

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“It’s the play-offs. Los Angeles versus Detroit. Whether you are watching the game on television, or sitting directly courtside, there’s probably one thing you could not help but notice- lots and lots of ads. Gatorade is scrawled across the court floor in gigantic letters. Big Budweiser and Coke signs festoon the arena walls. Prominent players wear uniforms with equally prominent corporate logos, like those of Nike or Adidas. And it does not stop between quarters. You see dozens of television commercials featuring star basketball players pushing everything from cars, to shoes, to life insurance, to breakfast cereal. Even the sports arena is named after a bank, a group of stores, or some other corporation which agreed to sponsor the care and upkeep the facility. Welcome to the world of sports marketing (Virginia).” Majority of people who are interested in becoming a sports marketer must obtain a Bachelor’s degree. Fifty-four percent of jobs in sports…show more content…
A sports marketer must be an active listener. The person must be able to give people their full attention, understand what the talker is talking about, ask questions related to the material being presented, and not interrupt the person who is speaking. A sports marketer must be able to have public speaking skills. They should be able to convey information effectively to an audience. A sports marketer must be able to negotiate effectively and bring others to agreement on issues they may discuss. They must also have good judgment and decision making skills. This person will need to be able to choose the most appropriate action for a situation, if needed. A sports marketer must be a complex problem solver. Finally, a sports marketer must be able to persuade others. If they do not show case all of these skills, there is a chance that they will not be successful in their line of work (W. F.

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