Student Substance Abuse

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My first year at the University of Wisconsin- Madison, I had two incidents that resulted in non-academic disciplinary action from the university. These incidents were mistakes in my life that have affected my life greatly and I wish I could have both situations back. The first incident took place only a few months removed from my enrollment into the University. The incident was a result of bad judgment and a lack of awareness that has caused regret through my life the last few years. So, it was one of the first basketball games of the season, our team, was just beginning to play well and my friends and I were excited for the game. One of my friends suggested that smoking marijuana before the game, which would have been exciting on its own,…show more content…
This was a bad call. We were seen by one of the residence assistants and we all were written up, which is essentially a report to the director of student housing at my residence hall. I still remember this experience and the resulting punishment vividly. I had to meet with the director of student housing. We discussed why smoking, especially on school property was not in my best interests. It was a short meeting, and the result was that I had to complete e-checkup, which is an online assessment of students smoking habits which provides them with relevant information about marijuana's prevalence on our University's campus and the damage that marijuana causes on psychological and physical health. At the time this information had only a minor impact on my views of marijuana’s impact on my life both directly and indirectly. As a first offense, there was no change to my status…show more content…
The first and most important thing that I have learned is that I need to be smart around drugs and alcohol. I cannot afford to put myself in harms way when it comes to these things, as they will put everything that i want to do throughout my life in jeopardy, just for a moment of fun while I am young. Secondly, I have grown more aware of the effects of marijuana on my brain and motivation levels, I have used the drug less and less throughout my last few years. As I grow a part from these situations I realize more and more that I cannot afford anymore mistakes, as they cost way too much when it comes to my goals. Finally, I have learned to focus on the positives of my life. Since these mistakes I have founded a fraternity here on campus, one that has helped me find new friends through social and philanthropic and social gatherings, and I have now become the alumni coordinator. I have got an awesome job working for Wisconsin Public Television raising funds, where I have also met new people some of whom have become my best friends. I joined intramural teams with friends to take up more of my free time. I have had a great time doing service for Special Olympics, where I have met even more amazing human beings. By doing these things I realize that they are much more fun, and are a much smarter use of time than smoking marijuana ever could

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