Nike Rhetorical Analysis

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Promotions are a key part of every companies marketing mix and it deals with discovering the base way to communicate with customers. Deciding on the best promotional strategy varies based on the type of company and the audience they are trying to reach. The company must use all the elements of the marketing mix which consist of segmentation, targeting, position and messaging. This paper will compare and contrast the promotional and advertising strategies of Nike and Adidas which are the two largest sports apparel companies in the world. Both companies have an extensive line in footwear, apparel and accessories. Nike was founded in 1972 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. The company designs and distributes athletic apparel and footwear for a large variety of sports and fitness activities and is currently the leading company in athletic and fitness apparel in the textile industry. The company also has several subsidiaries which…show more content…
The company also has a slogan that stands out on its own and “ Just Do It” has been a slogan known around the world since it was introduced in 1988 by the company. The company has also partnered with well know athletes just as Michael Jordan who has the Jordan line which is one of the most popular shoe lines in the world and the demand continues to grow as new shoes are released. The company is known for its sponsorship of professional golf player Tiger woods as well as its partnership with the NFL in 1995 acquiring the licensing to put its logo in NFL jerseys. Along with its sports sponsorships the company branched into the electronic and technology segment which included two ray radios as well as mp3 players. Converse was considered one of the competitors of Nike until 2003 when Nike acquired the company. The company continues to operate under the Converse name due to brand popularity but does fall under the Nike

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