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An Empirical study on brand preference of sports gear Abstract The research was conducted in the mega-metropolis city of Mumbai by students of Rustomjee Business School, Dahisar. The research has been carried on to understand the consumer’s perception or attitude towards these sports gear. The findings of this survey would enable The study of consumer behavior in sports gear helps understand customer. This study investigates the interrelationships among brand preference in the sports gear. The industry of the sports gear is growing at a CAGR of 4% over the next six years. Particular brands were preferred because of its perceived price, quality, brand and durability by the consumers. Least importance was assigned to styling, Value for money,…show more content…
There different attitudes that affects the consumers buying behavior. During the past years there has been the tremendous increase in the sports gear industry. In India, There are different sporty activities are pursued likewise kabaddi, IPL, football etc. Brandingis an important intangible asset of a company that could transmit promise, acceptance, trust, and hope to patrons. . This circumstance is especially true in sports. Last research suggests that brandpersonality boostsconsumer preference and has a positive relationship with levels of consumer trust and loyalty.On the other hand, every brand in the sports gear market claims that its trademark offers the greatest extent for best possible distance, control, accuracy, reliability, playability, and self-confidence. Besides this consumer look for the features in the brand like styling, durability, comfort, price, value for money. Various reasons are been highlighted for…show more content…
GLOBAL TRENDS The global retail sporting goods market has substantial growth opportunities as there is a strong demand in three market segments: athletic footwear, athletic apparel, and equipment. There is a growing market for retail sporting goods industry in Asia and Rest of World over the forecast period. The sporting goods industry comprises manufacturing and retailing of sporting goods, like camping equipment, athletic uniforms, speciality sports footwear, apparel and accessories. The global retail sporting goods industry is highly fragmented. A combination of factors like consumer spending and demographics significantly impact market dynamics. Literature review Sproles and kendall (1986),had had done a quantities research on sports gears .It was developed to analyze the effect of seven factors. The purpose of these study was to identify the decision of the youth and college students for sports gears. They had developed Modifying the Consumer Style Inventory (CSI).They get there respondents through college students enrolled at three public universities. Where they got 822 responses in which 376 male and 446 female college aged consumers had different decision-making styles in relation to fashion, impulse, and brand consciousness. There is no difference between the college classification and

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