Stakeholder Analysis Of Ante Display

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The research report is based on secondary research on a service based company ‘Antone displays’ working in the UK with their innovative work team in the market. The paper intent to evaluate a brief overview of the company along with the external factors that directly affect the internal and external working of Antone displays by means of different analytical tools. These tools include STEEPLE model, Extended Marketing Mix, cultural analysis and Stakeholder analysis to understand different factors that affect the development and progress of the company. Antone Displays – Service Sector Antone Display is a UK based service based shoplifting company that deals in various diverse sectors founded by Mr and Mrs Robert Grey in 1960 as RG Display.…show more content…
All of these companies are listed under the Innovate UK competition and Antone Displays stands on second position among seventeen services based company in the UK. Antone Display is known for their excellent shoplifting, and installation services and low financial risk score in the UK service sector. On the contrary, there are many sectors that Antone Display is associated with included Fragrance and beauty, fashion, jewellery, sports, home ware, electrical, publishing, and commercial. In addition, Antone display is associated with various CSR projects that make their position strong in the UK service sector (Antone Displays, 2010). External Influences – STEEPLE Model STEEPLE analytical model is an advance analytical model that helps the company to highlight the external factors that affect the working and progress of the company in the market. There are different external factors associated with the alphabets included in STEEPLE that are, Social • The increasing dependency of online and social media shopping make is beneficial for the company and their door to door delivery…show more content…
Antone Displays is associated with many famous companies in regards of providing their services to them. Associating with these, companies provide the benefits for the company to promote their work in the national and international market (Muzondo & Mutandwa, 2011). Prize The price of the product is determined by different factors for instance, material cost, market share, product identity and others. However, it is observed in the case of Antone Display that the company focus on the entire quality alternative in regards of material cost to limit the budget of their potential clients. The strategy helps the company to attract famous companies like Chanel, Burberry and other towards them to enjoy their services (Barrett & Weinstein, 2015). Product The products introduce by the company are the main focus of their marketing campaigns. However, it is observed that Antone Displays is basically a service sector but it develops shoplifting and marketing displays for their associate. Their works for other companies are their product and service type that they offer in the market with their creative and supportive work team (Barrett & Weinstein,

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