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Fly a Little Higher is a story unlike any other. This is a true story about a teenage battle with cancer written by and from the perspective of his mother. Zach Sobiech, a typical 14 year old boy from Minnesota, went on a run one Summer afternoon with his 18 year old sister. Once home, their mother asked how it went. "Good," Zach said, "Except for toward the end when my left hip started to hurt." A week later, when the pain had continued, x-rays were done but -- to the untrained eye -- revealed nothing. However, two months later, the truth came out: osteosarcoma. Thus the Sobiechs embarked on a journey that no one ever wants to walk, but that forever changed their lives... and yours. The first lesson in this story is that there is always good even through the bad…show more content…
The quote I chose was “You realize that you aren’t leaving the battle field behind but are actually taking it with you and it will be a part of you forever” (Sobeich, 160). In the book, Laura Sobiech is dealing with her son's battle with cancer. Every time they think the cancer is gone for good, it comes back. And when it finally goes away permanently, she thinks they will be free and life will go back to the way it was. But that is not how life is. I chose this quote because it is so true and I think every single one of us can relate. Everything that happens shapes us into who we are. From the bad things, like a loved one dealing with a horrible disease, to the good things, like a beautiful new baby being born. You cannot just forget things, as much as you wish you could, because now it is part of your story. This relates to me in a lot of different ways. Even in little ways, such as losing a close friendship or a pet dying, you will forever be "taking the battlefield with you" and it will ultimately make you a stronger person and ready to deal with whatever is thrown at

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