Juno's Rivalry In The Aeneid

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The Aeneid is an epic that was written to glorify Rome and its destiny as a world power. Romans drew upon Greek culture and Vergil’s story draws from Homer’s Iliad to set the scene for the story. From the Iliad we learn of the rivalry between Juno and Venus. It is this rivalry that directs the course of the Aeneid. Aeneas, the son of Venus, is a Trojan warrior fleeing to Italy in order to establish a new home; however, along the way they must contend with Juno’s malice. Throughout the story we see the goddesses working against each other to either help Aeneas succeed or fail by employing other deities to assist them. Ultimately, however, fate has destined for Aeneas to settle in Italy and for his line to establish Rome through Romulus, which

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