Local And Global Marketing Case Study

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Local and Global Marketing The Mikasa established their company in Japan since 1917. Japan is an Asian country and one of the most innovative countries in world. They may be characterized by the Hofstede’s cultural dimension, the power distance is moderated and the decision, it takes too long to final decision. In the dimension of individualism, they are moderated and the score researched by the marketer is 46 percent of individual. They look likes individualism in taking the responsibility and work as collectivism. (Geert Hofstede, Michael Harris Bond, 2010) They are very work hard and winner is the best in their cultural dimension and more likely to be masculine. Uncertainty avoidance is very high. Long orientation style of working…show more content…
In Japan, the sport is one of the most their highly interest section. It is a high-context culture orientation, their country image. But their global product is sport accessories. Actually the sport is an international activity and the regulation concerning to the football, volleyball, basketball, water polo and ruby are the same in every part of the world in each respective game. The product quality can be standardized for the global. Even though the products are from local, the competitive products may be global products. So the marketers think globally and set their strategy for global marketing. As there is different culture, religious and places, the value of product which is determined by the customers may be different. So the strategy of the marketing will be focus on whether standardization or adaptation for the global market. By contrasting in the marketing mix strategy, the first one focus on the product is the standardization in the global market. The advantages of the standardization are cost saving for longer products and saving in purchasing of manufacturing process. Special advantages to the global customer who want to surf the same taste and quality of the products or services wherever they…show more content…
Keegan, Mark C. Green. (3013). Global Marketing. New Jersey: Pearson Education. should be better quality or lower price than the other. Nowadays the sport is the diplomacy in all nation relation all around the world. There are three steps in marketing process which are segmentation, targeting market selection and positioning. The group of potential customers with distinct characteristics, behaviors and needs are divided in the market for market segmentation. Demographic segmentation is based on the division of population, income, age distribution, population, education, gender and occupation. Psychographic Segmentation involves some truth about real’s people lifestyle, attitude, values, self-image and aspirations. But it is difficult to predict the willingness of buying in any product category. Behavior segmentation focuses on the customer’s usage rate, user status, buying decision and actual doing. Benefit segmentation focuses on the attainment of benefit from the spending by means of value equation. Segmentation may be derived from the ethnics. (Warren J. Keegan, Mark C. Green, 3013) Selection of the targeting the customer is the most important strategy in the marketing of sport marketing

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