Service Quality Case Study

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Introduction The main business of the airport is to manage, operate and maintain the airport and provide related services. Other activities include duty-free and duty-free shops, management and motor sports and recreational activities, hotel management, management, cultivation and marketing of palm oil and other agricultural products, engaged in gardening, providing food and beverage management services at designated airport stores, providing operations and maintenance Information and communication technology business, provision of mechanical and electrical engineering, provision of auction activities and investment holding. Malaysian business. The current theory focuses on the growth of the airport, these days in marketing, commercial and…show more content…
As a result, the study is expected to explore factors such as facilities, services, service personnel and current airport growth, which will affect the internationalization of Penang International Airport's service quality. The survey was designed to manage airport management techniques, predict customer demand for the future, and how to overcome economic problems when the economy suddenly inflated or defended. More attention to these determinants is appropriate because the information provided by Subhranshu Sekhar Das, Frost & Sullivan's Asia Pacific Aviation and Defense Department, is considered to be a platform for identifying best practices for aviation, defense and homeland security. Marketing strategies, business development strategies, market penetration, customer service, growth strategies, and product line strategies include management concerns that form part of the quality of service in terms of economic, operational, environmental and social…show more content…
The survey involved Penang International Airport management. From the newspaper articles, the first papers, reports and academic journals of the two sources of information. Reports and statistics from the Ministry of Transport of Malaysia, the Malaysian Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Malaysian airport companies and other relevant departments. Application consulting method, to provide a more in-depth and thorough investigation method for the target company. The main focus of the study is analysis. The survey is to manage how the airport manages the technology, predicting customer demand for the future, as well as airport growth planning and forecasting: airport growth research to improve the airport in terms of economy, operation, environment and development. And then analyze the problem, and finally put forward to solve the problem has been identified.Better technological capabilities translate directly into better firm performance. An analysis of Penang’s firms (Rasiah, Hamdan and Gopalan, 2009) shows that productivity in firms goes up with more training expenditure, more process technology expenditure, more R&D expenditure and more R&D

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