Toyota Mismanagement

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Introduction Both of the articles are fall under mismanagement theme. The article, “TOYOTA RECALLS: A STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP PERSPECTIVE”, by Sonia Taneja, Mildred Golden and Pryor Scott M. Sewell analyze the capabilities and strategies of Toyota’s competitions in the industry and discusses the challenges Toyota faced during the recall of eight million automobile. General recommendations are made in order to strengthen their current positions and in order to regain their reputations and it is necessary for leaders to look at the past and present in order to figure out the faults and most importantly, their strategic plans for their future. On the other hand, the article, “Market Overreaction to Product Recall Revisited—The Case of Firestone Tires…show more content…
Sewell has a PHD in Education and is a Marketing & Management associate professor. Most of his research includes Demands of online courses by student and contemporary concepts in management. He authored in various articles regarding to business disciplines an is an invited reviewer for various journals an organizations. Professor Suresh Govindaraj is an invited speaker at Columbia University regarding to financial analysis who has MBA and engineering degree and he teaches financial statement analysis and accounting in EMBA programme. He is also a reviewer of academic journals and contributed to publishing newspaper and business magazines. BIKKI JAGGI who has a PHD in Accounting and is a professor of information system and accounting, his expertise includes financial, social and international accounting. Journal articles regarding to accounting review, international journal accounting and public policy was published by him. Dr. Beixin Lin is the Vice president for Economics association and northeast business who is a professor in the department of Laws and Taxation who teaches undergraduate and graduate course in Rutgers University. Her expertise includes Capital market research, financial reporting and operational restructuring activities she also review areas regarding to Quantitative finance and Accounting.…show more content…
The problems being addressed by research is regarding Toyota Motor Corporation which has remained at the top of automotive industry business in present day, until recently when the company recalled eight million vehicles. Will Toyota image of the world leader and role models be affected and whether did they handle this issue appropriately. While Ford article sets out to do research regarding to the Importance of market losses and related cost related to the product by studying the sudden recall of Bridgestone firestone tires during august year 2000 caused by the proven incidents regarding to (SUV’s) Sports utility vehicles manufactured by ford Motor Company that uses the affected

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