Risk Management In Event Management

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Events are taking place and its importance is increasing day by day for the organisation as the tool for marketing communication. Event management area is something that has inter disciplinary task field, addressing the most diverse field of practice and research establishments. As careful precise execution and preliminary planning are very essential for the events, the modelling languages can play a great role in contributing greatly with the systematic design for event management systems. Event management involves the process of co-ordinating and planning the event as usually referred as the event planning and this includes proper scheduling, coordinating, arranging speakers, site selection, budgeting and acquiring necessary permits. As mentioned by Masterman (2014), ‘events are exclusive moments in time and apart from day to day occurrences’. Private or public, celebratory or commemorative, charitable or commercial events bring all individuals together for sharing an experience and producing measurable result. The role of event planner and organiser is important and often considered to be the key element for any organisation. The organisational chart shows the diversity and magnitude of the…show more content…
Risk management can be represented in various forms as the major element of responsibilities like with producing and planning the events. According to Eisen & Escudier (2012), risk management is considered to be the function that is taken place when an event is organised, designed and conceived. It is important that Risk management should be carefully entrenched in event designing and throughout its production and development process for ensuring the risk linked with the events are effectively managed and also being cost efficient (Eisen & Escudier,

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