Social Media Impact On Children

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BUKAR BALLAMA GONI 2014001731 ENGISH 101 Gwenn Schurgin O'keeffe,Kathleen Clarke-pearson. ‘’The impact Of Social Media on children, Adolescent And Families.’’ Pediatrics (2011): 1-9. This article is talking directly on the general impacts of social media on the youths and society in general. Defining social media as any website that allows social interactions is referred as a social media site, such as facebook, twitter, etc. nowadays children take it as their second life, taking them a bit far from their studies and religion depending on how addicted they are. Siers-Poisson, Judith. ‘’ Social Media is both Positive, Negetive For Youth.’’ (2013). The essay is talking about the inscurity that social media has brougt to the youth in the society.…show more content…
‘’The effect of Social Media on Children.’’ Vision For The Glass 6 june 2012: This article is talking about the negative and positive effect of social media on children and adolescent. The positive way according to the writer that social media can be use by youth is as follows. It provide an alternative ways to get student intrested in learning with new and previously unconventional medium. It also help them in their assignment and group project. It also help them to stay connected with their friends that they have met through school and sport teams. The example of negative ways. social media can affect the mental health of teens. They are also influence by the powerful advertising they see on social media, and it strongly influences their buying habits. This will help me in my…show more content…
The Canadian Child and Adoliscent Psychiatry Review (2004):n.p.web.n.d.This article is talking about how the Internet is influencing the lives of Canadian children, and the extent to which parents are aware of its risks and influences. Therefore, Media Awareness Network (MNet) conducted two benchmark surveys in 2000 and 2001 – one with parents and the other with children and youth. The Young Canadian In a Wired World (YCWW) research highlighted the contrast between parents and young people’s knowledge and attitudes about the Internet and provided important food for thought about the Internet’s potential impact on the healthy mental and physical development of this first Internet generation. This will help me in writing my essay. Wilmoth, Pete. ‘’What effect does media have on youth.’’ The Rand Blog 3 sept 2013: This article is talking about the problems of social media on youth and how parents should handle it. Its telling us how children of nowadays are use to social media and how children are learning bad behavious . For example, most of the children started smoking and having sex with one another by watching some movies. And the best way parents should handle this is to limit their television hours or Internet access. this will help me in my

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