It's Impact: Social Media And Its Impact

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Sonya Zawaideh Professor McBride English 004 Date: 08/02/17 Social Media and It's Impact Social media has had a considerable impact on society over the few years. Social media includes online websites that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. It has brought users of different age groups together worldwide. Some of the more popular well-known websites include Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Youtube, Periscope, and Instagram. Most of us will readily agree that when used effectively, social media offers a great amount of positive benefits to society. Americans today tend to believe that the media use is improving our lives. Social medias…show more content…
Today, no matter what age, it has become so important that many of us keep our social media close by to stay connected with the world around us. It is often said that social media allows us to keep in touch with anyone, no matter what part of the world they reside in. We can now see what is happening in various countries through these sites. Statuses, pictures, and videos are constantly being updated by different users. Snapchat gathers users videos relating to an event in a certain area and puts them all together into a “story”. For example, there was a story including videos people posted at the gay pride parades in different countries. On the other hand, periscope consists of so many people worldwide who are live video chatting, allowing us to see what’s going on in their part of the world. People no longer rely on letters or house phones to keep in touch with long distance friends or family because social media provides a new, more efficient way of communicating. It brings forth a new way for children to stay connected with peers they have met through school, sports teams, church, or online. They are also exposed to so many different people from different cultures and backgrounds. Social media provides a space for free speech and opinions. Children have a voice through the internet and are capable of impacting their communities and even the world in amazing ways. Social media allows them to learn how to become involved and make positive change. While online, children develop a better perspective on different issues and begin to form their own morals. Groups or pages can be formed around politics, business, education, or literally any topic you can think of. Connectivity is vital to our lives and social media has made it easier for us to maintain that from an early sands of dollars a month. Youtube is one of the s . The ability to create and

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