The Negative Impact Of Social Media In Today's Globalizing Society

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The current technological age provides us with a miracle that makes us communicate with anyone in the world easily; this miracle is the social media. The social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Youtube are not just a tool of communication but they are considered as the most important side in our life that contains our personal beliefs, thoughts, comments and relationships. New social media has become increasingly popular components of our everyday lives in today’s globalizing society. New social media provides a wide field where individuals can share experiences, exchange messages, and communicate across all over the world regardless of differences and geographical boundaries. The social media impacts fields of business, trading,…show more content…
According to Sawyer (2011), the new searches point that there are about 5 billion users of the social media all over the world. Social media as everything in the world has supporters and opponents. Although the social media impacts negatively on family dynamics, education and the work place, it improves the fields of intercultural adaptation, business, public relationships formation and tourism enhancement. In my opinion, the social media enhances the communication among individuals more than any another communicative tool in our current world. Social media may be the main reason of destruction the family dynamics. According to Villegas (2013), nowadays, children is so interested in social media that they may spend more than 9 hours in using it daily and that form serious risk on routes of communications and relationships with their family members. According to Gadberry (2001), the parental socialization practices is impacted by the television watching because it decrease the interaction and the involvement of the parents with their children (cited in Villegas, 2013). In addition, the using of cell phones or viewing the television during the meal time damages the effective communication between the family members because the meal time provides a wide field to talk and share

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