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Have you ever been watching television and some weird cartoon came one, but it wasn’t in English or Spanish? That is called anime. Anime is a Japanese style cartoon, which features hand drawn or computer animation. Anime started becoming popular in the United States around the 1990s. Most people in the United States have watched Dragon Ball Z or Pokémon at least once, and this is considered anime but the dubbed version. There are two versions of anime, dubbed and subbed. Dubbed is usually the English version of the anime. Subbed features the original dialect of the anime, but is subtitled in your language. Most anime are developed from manga, Japanese style comic books. As the support for anime has continued to rise, so has the popularity of the different anime shows. As a result of the increased popularity of anime, there has been a steady increase of interest in the Japanese and Korean culture, an increase of cosplayers, an increase of conventions in the U.S., and the fan base is continuously getting bigger. After watching some anime, people become interested in the culture, to get a better understanding of the…show more content…
and the U.K. Here are a few of the major conventions fans attend in the U.S., AnimeFest, San Japan, Anime Expo, and the Heart of Texas Comic Con. Not only are these conventions being held at major cities, such as, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, San Diego, New York City, Seattle; but also in smaller cities, such as Waco. At these conventions you get to see cosplaying in action, buy collectibles, such as manga, DVDs, and figurines; meet the cast, attend panels, meet people, see your favorite artists, and play games. Conventions are a place where fans, in all shapes and sizes, come to meet other fans and can experience live role playing. At some panels, that’s where you can meet the cast and staff, where you get a sneak peek at the upcoming season of the

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