Difference Between Introversion And Extroversion

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As a kid, we are often characterized by the term “shy” when we refuse to say “hello” to our mother’s colleague at the grocery store, or even ask our friend’s mom where the restroom is. The word is tossed around so lightly at a young age, but what happens when this behavior stretches into our adulthood? Well, we call it introversion. Many people are self-defined introverts, while others have accepted this title after taking a personality type indicator, such as the Myers-Briggs survey. The problem with these types of personality tests is that that most behaviors fall on a spectrum, or interaction to interaction basis, which the questionnaire doesn’t take into consideration. Much like a lot of things in our world, the quiz wants to put everyone…show more content…
However, often this is seen as a sort of personality disorder. In a country like the United States, that is known for being one of the most extroverted nations, people began to see introverts as just a nuisance to those around them. It is commonly seen that introversion is linked to social anxiety or nervousness. Nonetheless, this is not the case. It is hard to place the terms “introversion” and “extroversion” on a scale because there are little pieces of each within one another. Truly, it should be pictured more as a YinYang symbol. Many people can be shy extroverts or a very outgoing introvert. If you were to think about each of them as an iPhone, the introvert would charge itself at home while snuggled up in bed, and the extrovert would recharge through the human interaction that comes from grabbing a drink at the bar after work. One of the biggest problems with this stigma continuing, is the havoc it is wreaking on the business world. One of the most common terms in job interviews today is the use of the word “extrovert” when describing their ideal hire. Often recruiters will actually scrap resumes immediately after even hearing the word “introvert”. Everyone has their own distinctive personalities which can be useful in many areas, but these people are never getting the…show more content…
It can be very beneficial for each leader to know their personal advantages and aware of their disadvantages. In a Forbes article from 2013, they noted the fiction behind the “management is an extrovert’s game” theory. Studies showed that introverted leaders were experts in understanding and managing data quicker than their extroverted counterparts. While sometimes soft-spoken, they are not at all indecisive, instead viewing the problem from all sides of the issue. This is also demonstrated through the way they prefer to communicate. Introverted leaders are often more comfortable writing instead of talking. They prefer to outline a thought completely from start to finish before allowing another person to read it. Not only does this give them more time to dive deeper into their own thoughts, it also allows them to articulate their views and rethink any language that could come back to haunt them in the end. More concise writing leads to less confusion and fewer hurt feelings in the

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