Effect Of Social Media Essay

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Social Media Effect Social media is a media to communicate and interact with other people. The perpose people using social media are to get information , express her self or just for having fun in online social life. Now many people was use media social media and still growing. The user of social media so big because doesn’t haveage limit for the user. Social media can be a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Line and many more. But from social media we not only get a positive effect but also a some negative effect. The negative are the big problem from social media. There are many negative effect from social media. Some negative effect can very bad effect on people life’s. And i’m gonna tell you some negative effect of social…show more content…
In social media you can be friends with anyone even from the other country. This is because social media has no limit for the users so, there possible for us have a friends from the other country. For the exsample you can be a friends and see what president Joko Widodo doing from his Instagram. Second , social media become a place to express your self and make communicating each other more easier. Social media is good place to express your self if you use it wisely, like when you are haapy or sad you can sharing to your friends at social media. And than social media make communicating each other easier , before there was a social media if you want make a call or a massage it’s spend a lot of credit from your handphone and that so not efficient at all but now many application that can make a call and massage with cheaper cost and more efficient. This for sure an positive impact from social media. Third , you can get information easily and make information quickly recognized by the public. Now you can get lots of information at social media. Many people share the information at social media to inform people the latest news. For the example when in an area had a natural disasters at one place it will appear a lot current information about the the disasters in social
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