Essay On Team Building

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Effective Team Building in Your Organization Why do we place so much emphasis on teamwork when a person can accomplish a clear majority of the tasks on their own? I don’t believe this question can conclude with a straight forward answer because we each must use our own experiences, successes, failures and ideals to develop a systematic approach to complete a task. With all the different personalities involved, how can we all come to a consensus to make an effective move forward? With these questions posed, would it not be more rewarding and possibly more efficient to work as a team instead of everyone working individually to accomplish the same goal? Building a team requires much more than personnel and we must be able to open our mind to new ideas and work well with others. An organization, large or small, needs to trust and empower their employees to think outside the box and to feel comfortable making…show more content…
Teamwork is crucial to mission success because we know that through MDMP, there are many steps to complete with limited time. A team member must be able to communicate effectively, show self-control, support other members and be open to constructive criticism. Within the Army values, Selfless-Service tells us that we must put the welfare of the nation, the Army and your subordinates above your own. This hold true to the team concept as well in that we need to put the needs of the team above of own selfish wants. We don’t always have to agree with every decision an individual makes but we do need to respect each member’s ideas and concepts or the team concept is thrown out the window. Teamwork is the new standard and has been proven to affect the outcome of required goals. Many goals that a unit or company achieved could not have been accomplished without the use of a team
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