Social Media Affecting Teenagers

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In order to learn more about how social media is affecting people, I had to talk to people. I did this by conducting a survey. The survey included around a dozen questions having to do with social media and its impacts. These questions discussed habits, positive effects, negative effects and many more topics. I thought a lot about these questions. These questions were all about social media and I knew that they would teach me a lot. I picked questions that would be easy to draw a conclusion about. These questions also related to social media’s affect on society.The survey was handed out to 100 high schoolers. I thought this would be the best group to focus on. Teenagers are the ones who use social media the most, so they would be the people…show more content…
My first question was if the person had social media. I asked this to see if social media is dominating teenagers. From the 100 people I surveyed, 94 of them had social media. This means that only 6 teenagers did not have social media. This was a little surprising. I actually thought that more teenagers would not have social media. I knew that social media users would be the majority, but I thought there would be more outcasts or people who do not enjoy the internet. The results from this question prove how social media is dominating teenagers. An overwhelming majority of teenagers are on social media. Since social media is changing everyday, that number is only going to get bigger. Soon, 100% of teenagers might have social media, which will lead to a full takeover. I am glad I asked this question. I learned about teenagers and social media. Social media is becoming very powerful and is becoming a very important part of a teenager’s…show more content…
So I decided to ask about the impact on my survey. So in my survey, I asked if social media has impacted the person surveyed in a positive way, a negative way or no specific way at all. I was intrigued by the results I got. The majority of people said that social media has had a positive impact on their lives. Out of 100 teenagers, 46 said that social media has had a positive impact on their lives. This proves that social media has helped a lot of people. These 46 teenagers truly enjoy social media. They like social media a lot. These people could have said no effect, but there must have been something about social media that these people are especially happy with. No effect was the second most popular choice. Out of the 100 teenagers, 44 of them said that social media has had not affected there live in a positive or negative way. This was very interesting. I did not think this many people would say no effect. This makes social media seem like something extra in these people’s lives. From these results, I can conclude that people would be fine without social media, but it is something they still like. The least popular option in the question was a negative impact. Out of 100 teengers, only 10 said that social media has had a negative impact on their life. This might include cyberbullying, consuming someone’s time and?or many more reasons I can not even think of. These are 10

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