Arguments Of Teen Anxiety

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The amount of anxiety in teens seems to have been going up since the early 1930s and drastically within the last 5 years. Anxiety is defined in pediatrics as “a nervous disorder characterized as a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks,” but I would describe it as being extremely nervous and in a state where it's hard to function. It affects how we feel, how we behave, and has very real physical symptoms. Anxiety, just like sadness or fear, is something everyone has. Teens over the years have become more anxious and stressed than ever before. Anxiety stops you from doing what you want, “Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom,” said Soren Kierkegaard a Danish philosopher from the 1800’s.…show more content…
The anxiety and stress she had was more than students years before ever faced. When Nora saw she didn’t get a 4.0, she was devastated. Her mother, Jennie Huynh of Alameda, California said “I couldn’t believe her reaction.” Nora is doing college-level work and all the pressure is physically taking a toll on her: she is tired, irritated easily, and suffers from headaches. Parents should be worried about their children's health, a little stress is good but too much stress can really backfire. Almost 40% of parents say their high-school kids are really stressed, and 24% of parents say it's a major issue. 45% of teens say they are stressed and their chronic stress can cause a sense of panic and paralysis. Parents can help lower the amount of anxiety in kids with just helping them balance work and free time to a manageable degree. “Are we in the midst of an anxiety epidemic?” asks George Dvorsky, the writer of that article in 2013. He thinks we are. People have called anxiety the Disease of the 21st Century. And on an anecdotal level, it's extremely easy to see why anxiety is worthy of that title. Everyone has at one time or another experienced the feeling of the world is crashing down on us. But for some reason it seems to come at the most unexpected times and makes you feel like things are much worse than they actually are. Anxiety has clearly reached epidemic
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