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YOLO, SMH, ICYMI and subtweet, can you make out their meanings? - Yes, they are words and they were recently added to The Oxford Dictionary. With the development of technologies, and the daily usage of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and What’sApp, make every teenager be the kings of these virtual spaces and the ones that dictate its rules. The trending language that affects us all is chosen by nobody but them. The list of new-technological-internet related words that seem Chinese among many parents, if not the most of them, is the new English for teens. It is more than obvious that our beloved language is changing, but is this for good? If you have got a teenager at home, you should know how to understand all these words – they do! It is called Internet slang, or netspeak, and it is quickly becoming part of your teenager’s everyday routine. Even most text messages are written in what could be considered an entirely different language. Of course it is still English but not quite exactly as we remember it. The English language has always been in constant change. It started in the era of early medieval England, through Shakespeare’s old English to end with modern English, as we all know it. However, nowadays it is being reshaped again and now we cannot blame it to imperialism or the different cultural groups of…show more content…
It seems that these devices and the internet were meant for them. The games which children have fun with play an important role in this social group because kids start to integrate the technology in their everyday life. When they grow up, the games will be replaced by social media and the language will be the most affected one. Internet slangs will be incorporated and there is no doubt that this new English will be more and more mainstream, not only in teenagers but also in younger and older

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